Saturday, March 29, 2014


I GOT BRACES! Oh and yesterday was my Birthday! I AM 13!!! And I dropped my phone in the toilet while I was cleaning the bathroom! I will post a picture soon of my before and after pictures. I just don't have them right now.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Birthday Braces!

So this week is my 13th Birthday! On March 28th this Friday! Well I went to the orthodontist and Dr. Nance said that I need 3 teeth pulled and braces THIS week! SCARY! I am freaking out. So the options for dates were, March 28th ( My birthday), April 4th ( the day before we go to California, and April 18th ( really far away.) So those are my choices. My parents ARE NOT letting me do it the day before the trip because it would just be miserable. So here are the pros and cons of march 18th and April 18th. April 18th March 28th Pros Cons Pros Cons After Trip Far away Sooner Birthday Won't have braces in any disney pics. Before trip I WANT braces kinda Will have braces in Disney I THINK I WILL GET THEM ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 9:20 AM! I WILL BE BACK AT SCHOOL. WE ARE CELEBRATING MY BIRTHDAY ON THURSDAY ( THE EATING PART)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Another few weeks have gone and past! Me and my family went to St. George for my dad to run a half marathon! It was awesome and SO warm! We stayed at Red Rock hotel and they only allowed kids 12 and older. Griff is 10. So I of course had to be my dad telling everyone to calm down. Griffin and my mom were both so embarrassing! A man had an accent and asked Griff if he wanted some more apple juice. Griff said it like he did so it was more like "apple use" and thought he was saying "yes" in a different language! my dad ripped up his hands on the way down a hill! It looked HORRIBLE!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Week

So forget about posting daily. How about weekly? Ya I am going with weekly for sure. My past 2 weeks or so have been busy and sad and hilarious. All at the same time! So, First of the week my chicken Rex died overnight on February 21st from either bone infection or sickness. Her hip was dislocated and she was just miserable. I am pretty glad she died when she did. My family from South Dakota and New Hampshire was visiting and staying at my grandmas house. I love Kelly, Ginger, Sam ( yes he shares my name), Lottie and Bennett. They are so much fun and we visited every day from Saturday to Monday. Lottie is SO sweet and Bennett smiles so much. On Saturday I was at my cousins house playing Just Dance 4 I was laughing so hard at the dance moves and on one part I swung my remote and hit poor Benja and hit his head. He was crying for his dad and then I calmed him down and let him take his hand off his head and.... well it was definitely bleeding. He had a cut on his head that had blood gushing out of it. Gross. I got him ice and cleaned it up and he wanted a band-aid on it so bad because it was "comfy" so I put one on and he was COMPLETELY fine. So whatever. That was a weird day for me .... Today I went to the Noelle Pikus Pace thing at my school and she came and talked to us and while we were waiting me and my friends were talking and being our normal psycho selves and of course SOMETHING had to go wrong and of course it HAD to be me. My friend was messing around and then accidentally punched me in the face. FUN RIGHT? Haha it was fun anyways and that night made up for it because Noelle gave me a high five!! I have Olympian germs on my hand! Ha Ha tonight was awesome. My brother went to blue and gold banquet and my mom won GOLD for best soup! And silver for figure skating with my brother, Griff. I guess we all had a sad,happy,AND hilarious week. Post next week! :)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I am so blessed.I have a family who loves me and I love them. A beautiful house. I am SO glad I moved to Eagle Mountain.
   I have 7 chickens, used to have 8 but poor buff died.
I just finished Heaven is Here. I love Nie Nie and she is my role model now.
We are getting 4 new chicks in April and I will post my babies when I get them. I will try to post daily now and I love all of you!

Friday, July 19, 2013

New Update


Color: Purple

Animal: Giraffe!

TV Show: Psych

Movie:  Pure Luck

Song: Treasure

Singer: Bruno Mars / Mika

Instruments: Guitar, Violin, and Piano

Thing to do: Still talk

Food: German Food

Type of Songs: Pop

Teachers: Mrs. Orkiolla and Mrs. Larsen

Where I Live: Eagle Mountain

Pets: 6 Chickens and 1 lizard

Thanks for Reading you guys rock!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hey this is just a blog post of something RANDOM so here it goes...............

            Ummm... I will just name off a few of my favorite things. ( and maybe a few pics :) )
So my favorite sport is OF COURSE rock climbing!!!!!!

Actress: Nancy McKeon from Facts of Life!!!

Movie: um..... I guess Soul Surfer

Instruments: Guitar,violin, piano

Favorite song: Perfect Two <3

Thing to do: Talk ( obviously )

Class ( as of now ) : Mrs.Johnson 6th grade

Favorite 2 grades: 2nd and 5th

Favorite type of music: Country and Acoustic

Favorite type of  food: GERMAN!!!!!

Country I want to visit: Japan

Favorite 2 cousins: Jaylee and Spencer

Trouble at school: Nah ( unless I'm doing math ) ha-ha

BFF: Destiny

Teacher:Mrs. Larsen and Mrs. Orkiola

Thats is pretty much it for now thanks for reading!!!!!