Sunday, April 06, 2008

My Best Birthday Ever!

I went to The Mayan for my birthday. It was fun. This is a picture of the Indian guy taking a picture with me and Griffin and I was holding his stick. I was scared of him at first. He was speaking another language. It was weird. My Grandma and Grandpa Stokes were there with me. Crystal and Darren and Judson came too.

I got a doll that I had with me at The Mayan. In the morning it was the funnest because I got a Barbie car and a Hannah Montana doll and a Fur Real Puppy.

I got to draw the cover of a book that everyone wrote to me at school. I drew Alexis, Mollie, Jessica and Justin on the front. They are my friends. I wrote a back cover too. I passed out cookies to everybody. I feel like I want one right now, too bad I gave them all away.

Grandma Lee and Grandpa Slack gave me my American doll. She's a babysitter and my mom got her because my Grandma Lee wanted someone to get the right one and that was of course my Mom. I feel good being seven.

My Dad finished my playground. I'm gonna play on it tomorrow. I can't play on it today because it's Sunday.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

East Canyon is fun!

We were at East Canyon and I went sledding on a big, big hill. It was fun. Really fun. I was coming down the hill, I was going fast and my cousin Josh bumped into me. I got hurt. My face got really bad hurt. I want to go sledding again. But not with somebody in my way.

East Canyon is this big place in the mountains. We go there because it's our family vacation. Ginger, Sam, Crystal, Judson, Darren, Rachelle, Spencer, Caleb, Josh, Sadie, Paul, Cami, Juan, Grandma and Grandpa are all there too. My favorite part is when I see everybody and when we play together. It is fun.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Love the Prophet

Did you know that President B Hinckley died when he was 97, I think. Did you know that he died today at 7 o'clock pm. He was the only Prophet I knew. I didn't know any of the others. I feel bad about him dying but I believe he is a true Prophet and I miss him.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Saturday, January 05, 2008

I'm Getting My Tonsils Out

I'm going to get my tonsils out. My doctor said that I'll get my tonsils out in 20 days. And now it's the 19th day until I get my tonsils out. I have a sore throat and whenever I run and it's windy and I can't breathe and I have to face the other way. I'm not sleeping very good and I'm snoring in the night really loud. Griffin thinks that it's really, really loud.

Griffin, last night, said, "Did you get a shot?" and I said, "No". I don't want to get my tonsils out. Tonsils are little balls in the back of your throat and I don't know what they do. What do they do?

My Christmas was fun. And this is a new paragraph. I got an American Girl from Santa. She was cool. She had pink strips in her hair. She came with a kitty. I got barbie clothes for my barbie dolls. I got a watch from Mom and Dad. My Grandma Lee gave me a Leapster. My Grandma Stokes gave me a monkey and some clothes for it. There was a High School Musical shirt, too!