Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I Lost My Two Front Teeth

I lost my two front teeth and I can't say "Sami". This is creepy because when I lost my first tooth I only got one quarter. I screamed and cried because I couldn't get my tooth out. My Dad said I wouldn't get my EZ Bake oven light bulbs until I got my tooth out. I wouldn't get a chocolate chip until I got my tooth out. My Dad said that Griffin wouldn't get one either until I got my tooth out. Griffin said that I'd get his knight and his horse and the two things that go with them all at the same time if I got my tooth out. And then finally I heard this popping noise and it just came right out without bleeding. And my bottom side tooth, I could pull it back so when I pulled it back and I pullled it up and it just popped out. Isn't that creepy?

My first tooth got loose when Grandma was here. It got loose with a popcorn seed. It's so sensitive. I used a lot of toilet paper when I got that last tooth out that I got.

I'm sorry I haven't wrote in my blog for a while.